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Old 01-05-2008, 03:01 PM
jumperjoe jumperjoe is offline
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ftp for cisco routers

Can anyine explain how to FTP an IOS from a pc to a cisco router? Will secure CRT do this or do i need another program? Is there a way to do this simplly from widows?
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Old 01-07-2008, 10:09 AM
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Hi Jumperjoe,

I'm not certain on the exact steps of uploading an IOS to the Cisco router but I might be able to provide a little help for this.

First, SecureCRT would not be the correct product to upload a file via FTP. In this case SecureFX would be the best choice as it is a file transfer client. SecureCRT is a terminal client and does not support the FTP protocol.

The basic setup for uploading a file via FTP would be to first make certain that the remote device has a FTP server installed and listening. Once verified, SecureFX can be used to connect to the FTP server on the device to upload the file.

I am not certain where on the file system that the IOS would need to be placed but another user may have more information on this or there may be something in the device's manuals.

Does this help?

Is FTP the file transfer protocol needed for the Cisco device?

Some Cisco devices also support ZModem or Xmodem transfers which can also be done in SecureCRT. Others only support TFTP for file transfers.


Teresa Nygren

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Old 01-10-2008, 07:32 PM
Neflem Neflem is offline
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You cannot use securecrt/fx or any ftp.

You need to TFTP the file over.


Here is an opne source TFTP server: http://kin.klever.net/pumpkin/
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Old 01-29-2008, 03:53 AM
marc.luethi marc.luethi is offline
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Originally Posted by Neflem
You cannot use securecrt/fx or any ftp.

You need to TFTP the file over.
This is only partially correct, but certainly applies to release 12.0 and older. Of course, current releases still support TFTP. But sometimes, there's just no way to talk the admin into opening up TFTP to a device outside the firewall.

Younger IOS releases (roughly speaking: 12.2 onwards, sometimes depending on feature set) can also download their IOS image or tar-file from FTP, SSH (using scp), HTTP or HTTPS servers. Check available methods with the
router(config)# copy ?

In all of these cases, SecureCRT or SecureFX are of no direct help to the user, bar of course using (Secure)CRT to establish the ssh/telnet/console connection to the Cisco device.

Very new IOS releases (12.4) can run a scp server with the
router(config)# ip scp server enable
command, in which case using SecureFX can become an option to upload a file to the Cisco device.

I haven't tried this myself (yet), though, so I can't confirm that it works.


"To an artificial mind, all reality is virtual. How do they know that the real world isn't just another simulation?" (Space Tribe, All Reality Is Virtual)

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