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Old 11-22-2019, 03:51 PM
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SecureCRT 8.1.4 Win 10 64 - Follow-up Sessions not Requiring Passphrase on L4 Token

Once I've authenticated on one of the computers I'm using SecureCRT with, when I return to the computer within the next few days and plug in my L4 token, the software is not requiring me to enter my passphrase when the same L4 token is used.

I've looked through all of the options I could find. One option to store passwords is unchecked.

Does anybody have insight in this behavior or know how to force the software to require me to enter the passphrase every time I connect?

Thanks in advance,
Jason Bush
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Old 11-22-2019, 04:10 PM
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An "L4 Token" means nothing specific to SecureCRT. I'm guessing you're referring to smart card or similar CAC/PIV device.

How do you have SecureCRT configured?

In the Public Key Properties window, is SecureCRT configured to use CAPI? Or do you have it configured to use PKCS#11?

When you come back after "the next few days" and plug in your L4 token again, is SecureCRT still running or have you already closed it and you have to re-open it?

Jake Devenport
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