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Old 04-05-2012, 06:21 PM
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SSH Jumpbox Automation

Forgive me if this is answered already somewhere, but I honestly did search for an hour and couldn't find the answer.

Situation: Due to compliance, our company had to stop using our socks5 "firewall" proxy, but we also can't allow users to ssh directly out to client machines, so we have an ssh "jumpbox". Currently we ssh to this box, and after we login, we then ssh to the customer devices with the ssh username@host command. This works, but is inefficient.

What we would like to do is automate the ssh to the jumpbox. The ideal solution would be for our users to click on the quick connect, and they would enter in the client address and username, and they would connect to the client, whereas in the background SecureCRT automated the initial step of the ssh session to the jumpbox.

I did find one article which mentioned port forwarding, and then specifying the SecureCRT application with the /T/S <JumpBoxSessionName> for the argument. I tried that, but it required port numbers for the port forwarding, so I used 22 but that didnt work.

I also tried creating a new firewall with type USER user@host port (with login) thinking that would connect to the jumpbox first via ssh, similar to how we previously did it with socks, but that didnt work either.

Any ideas\thoughts\suggestions would be very much appreciated ;-D
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Old 04-06-2012, 10:19 AM
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Hello Dustin,

We received your e-mail message and responded through e-mail. Perhaps other forum users have experience with this type of scenario, and ideas to share?
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