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Old 03-05-2018, 11:40 AM
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unable to get proper character encoding working

I know I use an older version of the software:
Version 7.2.6 (x64 build 606) - Official Release - August 19, 2014

But thats what I paid for a while back, and the functionality I need seems like something very basic, and I am just missing something.

I am unable to get the ascii tables/lines to draw properly. Also it appears to be related, but the quotes and similar characters are not properly reflected.

I tried all types of terminals in securecrt: XTERM, VT100, Linux.
Also all combinations of character encoding from default, to OEM, to windows, etc. I cant get anything to work properly.

The example of what I see on the screen is:
set |egrep "TERM|LANG"
rm -i 1
rm: cannot remove โ€˜1โ€™: No such file or directory

set |egrep "TERM|LANG"
rm -i 1
rm: cannot remove β€˜1’: No such file or directory

does anything have any hints? putty works without issues, but thats such a step back...

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ascii , character encoding , terminal

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