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Old 10-07-2012, 01:40 AM
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VBS - Regular Expression WEIRD BUG

Hello everybody.

I just want to report something that is pretty unusual.

May the scenario that I show here is a little bit, twisted, but here it is:
I'm using Secure CRT and Visual Basic for scripting.

I have a function to deal with regular expressions, like this, which returns an array.

function Expresion( registro, patron )
dim resultado
Set re = New RegExp
re.Pattern = patron
re.Multiline = False
re.IgnoreCase = False
resultado = ""
				If re.Test(registro) = True Then ' si coincide con la expresión que buscamos
					msgbox "comenzando teste"
					Set matches = re.Execute(registro) ' devuelve una colección de coincidencias
					For Each match In matches ' el match contiene toda la expresión regular que coincide, en este caso esperamos que sea sólo una
						msgbox match.submatches(0)
						resultado =resultado & match.SubMatches(0) & " " ' el submatches contiene sólo lo que estaba entre paréntesis
				End If		

 	Expresion = split(resultado)
end function

Ok, I want some user input from a prompt message to use with this function, and also I want to take te returned array. Everything normal If I do like this

ips = Expresion(crt.Dialog.Prompt("Input that","IPS",vbDefaultButton),"(\d{1,3}̇\d{1,3}̇\d{1,3}̇\d{1,3}(/\d+)?)" )

Ok, marvelous, works,

But if i do like this

ips = Expresion(crt.Dialog.Prompt("Text to long for a single line so i will split this","IPS",vbDefaultButton),_
"(\d{1,3}̇\d{1,3}̇\d{1,3}̇\d{1,3}(/\d+)?)" )
The regular expression matches just white spaces.

Is this a know issue?
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scripting , secure crt , visual basic

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