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Old 04-20-2012, 01:59 AM
Juan Palma Juan Palma is offline
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VRALib randomly hangs on IFileSystemObject.Put


I'm using the VRALib library within a vb script to transfer files from a local windows server 2003 filesystem to a remote server using SFTP. I've set this up as an infinite loop which polls the source file system every 5 seconds and transfers the files accross. On the destination end, another process picks up the transferred file for further processing. This runs fine for anywhere between 1 or 2 weeks until suddenly the process hangs. It hangs on the actual put operation of the file, namely:


From what I can see, the file is created on the destination end, however it is 0 bytes in length, suggesting it cannot be written to. My guess is there is a process on the destination end trying to access the file in some way, potentially causing the problem.

The problem with all this is that if there is a problem with the Put() operation, it should return back to the calling program, the VB script, with an error so it can be handled, however it doesn't, it just hangs forever. Is this a known issue? I'm using version of VRALib. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Note: I know there are "dirty" ways to overcome this by setting a timeout on the VB script so that if it hangs it will be restarted, etc.... however I don't wish to go down this path. I want to find out 1) what is causing this and more importantly 2) why is VRALib hanging indefinitely when I'd expect execution to return to the calling program?


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Old 04-20-2012, 07:47 AM
rtb rtb is offline
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Hi Juan Palma,

I am not aware of a simple answer for your two questions.

One way to troubleshoot the issue would be to enable logging in your script. You can enable logging using the Connection object's DebugLevel and DebugLogFile properties. For example:
PHP Code:
objConn.DebugLevel 5
.DebugLogFile "path/to/log" 
It would also likely be helpful to see the script code.

Would you enable logging and when you capture the issue in a log, post the log file and the script code?

If you would prefer not to post this type of information in a public forum, please send it to support@vandyke.com with a subject of Attn: Todd - Forum thread #10417.

You are also using a fairly old version of VRALib. I don't see any fixes specifically related to the issue you are reporting, but it is possible that upgrading may resolve the issue. At the very least, upgrading will allow us to work with a product that is in active development.

VanDyke Software
Technical Support
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