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I think I have resolved my own issue.
I did the following:

1. Took the original PuTTY-format key file that vendor provided to me and loaded it in PuTTY Key Generator. Entered passphrase for the key that vendor had provided to me.

2. I chose Conversion menu and chose Export OpenSSH key and chose to save in a particular folder and gave the file a name that made it clear it was in OpenSSH format and then I intentionally left off the file extension.

2. Back in PuTTY Key Generator, I copied the public key text in that window to my clipboard and pasted into a new text file in the same folder as the private key I'd just created and gave it a file name same as the newly-created file, except I added on a file extension of ".pub" for this new file.

3. I updated my configurations and scripts and confirmed connection working!

This ticket can be resolved.
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