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Thank jdev for your answer and your clarification.

This morning I did some testing, because when I try to import the private key into SecureCRT, the format is not recognized.
I took the PPK and with Putty key generator, I exported the private key that I renamed to Identity and I exported the public key to in the same folder. If I import it into SecureCRT, the format is not recognized and I have tried all possible Putty Key Generator formats.

So I did the opposite, I generated a private and public key from SecureCRT and pushed the public key to the server in Authorized_keys and it works.

If I compare the private keys generated by SecureCRT and Putty Key generator, the character length is quite different.

How to make SecureCRT work with keys generated from Putty. For information, if I use other solutions like Xshell, Putty keys work, but SecureCRT keys do not.

Thank you for your help.
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