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Variables in Command Manager commands

I need to be able to run a command that copies a file from a system to a backup location. The source filename is always the same, but I would like the destination filename to be timestamped. (Ie., source is "flash.tar.gz", and destination would be 2020-09-21-flash.tar.gz.)

I can automate everything else with an entry in the Command Manager, but I do not see any obvious way to insert something like a timestamp. I can write a short script, but that would then require an external file (external to the VanDyke/SecureCRT settings). If there was an option within the Command Manager, it would allow a simple command like this to stay within my SecureCRT settings.

If this does not exist, is it something that could be requested? Or is this something that was always intended to be scripted, rather than a variable that can be accessed from a Command?

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