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Hi BjoernH,

We do have an example script that I believe provides much of the functionality you're looking for.

Run Commands On Multiple Hosts And Log Results
Demonstrates how to connect to hosts read in from a "hosts" file and for each host, send a list of commands read in from a "commands" file. Results of each command run are (by default) logged to separate, uniquely-named files based on the host address and the command that is run. However, the script code is architected to allow you to change this behavior so that it's all logged to one file per host, or even just to a single file.

You would only need to create a file, hosts.txt, with the list of IPs and a commands.txt file that contains the list of commands you would like to run. The script would then connect to each device and run the commands specified.

Does this script seem like it would fit your needs or help provide an example you could modify to fit your needs?

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