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SecureCRT cannot ssh to Linux/OpenSSH

I have three workstations connected via ethernet: WIN (Windows), LIN1 (Linux Mint 12) and LIN2 (SUSE Linux). Both Linux systems use OpenSSH. Using SecureCRT/ssh2 I am able to ssh to LIN2. From LIN2 I can ssh to LIN1, and from LIN1 I can ssh to LIN2.

When I try to use SecureCRT/ssh2 from WIN to LIN1 I get:
  1. A long wait;
  2. The New Host Key Accept Once/Accept & Save/Cancel dialog (I typically select Accept Once);
  3. Another long wait;
  4. A request for my password;
  5. Another long wait;
  6. Sometimes a timeout;
  7. Sometimes a connection and command line prompt (with very slow echo).
The firewall on LIN1 is disabled. /var/log/auth.log shows only that I am connected and my password accepted. Ping from WIN to LIN1 and LIN1 to WIN is sub-millisecond. Internet access from LIN1 is fast. For a while my LIN1 sshd_config was the same as the config file on (older) LIN2 (I have since changed back to the default).

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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