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Hi hakelo91,

This topic has been discussed previously in these forums. We also have an example posted in the scripting forum sticky that illustrates how to log data to a file using the VBScript FileSystemObject. Here is where you can get a copy of the example script:
Line 20 shows how to get a handle to the FileSystemObject.

Lines 284 to 295 show how to use the object handle to open a file, write data to the file and close the file.

If you are not familiar with using VBScript , Microsoft provides documentation at the following location:
Here is the specific location for help with the FileSystemObject:
Disclaimer: The above URLs may not remain valid forever because Microsoft changes their website locations periodically. You should be able to locate the current VBScript language reference using a web search for the following terms:
vbscript language reference

Does this help you add the desired logging to your script?

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