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ScreenSend variable

Having some issues sending a variable in a Screen Send.
For context.
This is on a H3c router. I first list routing instances, use Get2() to capture them to an array , then go via the array , list the peer IP , grab the peer with Get().

Then I try to list routes received from the peer but the variable do not print , i just get basic text in the screen send output:
(vLines and vPeer are the variables in this case)

crt.Screen.Send "dis bgp vpnv4 vpn" & vLines & "routing-table peer" & vPeer & "received-routes " & chr(13)

>dis bgp vpnv4 vpn & strLines(nIndex) & peer
 % Unrecognized command found at '^' position.
Sorry if this is a stupid newbie question. I read the guide and the syntax seems to be correct.
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