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I have now encountered a new problem similar to the one we have fixed earlier in this thread.
I'm guessing that this new problem also can be solved using the replace method.

What I want the new script to perform is the following:
When I copy something to the clipboard from an external source (external as in outside of the SecureCRT terminal window) I want the script to modify the clipboard content before pasting it in the SecureCRT terminal window.

For you to better understand the problem at hand I'm going to describe what I'm going to use it for:
- I use a system that is mirroring router configuration and displaying it in a GUI
- In that GUI there is a text field displaying certain values. Let's use the following value as an example: 123.456
- The problem occurs when I want to log on to a router using SecureCRT to change the configuration on the router, the router doesn't understand 123.456, it only understands 123 unit 456

Example of how the script is going to be used:
- I copy 123.456 to the clipboard from an external source.
- Then I run a script in SecureCRT changing 123.456 to 123 unit 456 before the script pastes the output in the SecureCRT terminal window.

What is the best way to accomplish this?
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