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Changing selected text before searching


Sorry for the badly worded title.

I am running the script described in 4.1 (Performing a Web Search with Selected Text) in this .pdf:

I have modified the script a little bit and I am using the script to search for the OUI vendor over at

So I have replaced the following:
' Now search on Google for the information.
g_strSearchBase = ""
' Now search on Aruljohn for the information.
g_strSearchBase = ""
The problem is that the Aruljohn page will only accept a format of AABBCCDDEEFF.

Aruljohn will accept the following: AABBCCDDEEFF
Aruljohn will not accept the following: AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF or AABB.CCDD.EEFF

If I copy a MAC-address from an extreme-switch or juniper-router the format will be AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF
If I copy a MAC-address from a cisco-router/switch the format will be AABB.CCDD.EEFF

What I want the script to do, before searching for the MAC-address on the Aruljohn page, is to remove the ":" and "." so that Aruljohn will accept the format.

How do I fix this?

Best regards,
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