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There are two options for using the YubiKey Neo and now YubiKey 4 with OSX, Linux and only one option for doing so with Windows presently. The Linux and MAC systems have the option of using OpenSC's PKCS11 provider either called directly by ssh or added to ssh-agent (this currently causes a fork bomb on Yosemite). Additionally if you are using the PGP authentication slot instead all one has to do is generate a key and start gpg-agent, SSH will check if there are public keys to it available via the SSH-Agent emulation of GPG-Agent, forward what it has available. Windows only supports the latter now that GPG-Agent also supports the putty agent. What I would propose from Vandyke's perspective to implement this quickly and easily would be to offer connectivity to a native ssh-agent socket / putty agent socket respectively. While platform dependent code is a nightmare it looks like you already likely maintain three unique branches of code as I'm a user in all three platforms.
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