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CRT Dockable Session Manager


With the release of 7.* came the Dockable Session Manager, but it's not acting in the way I expected ity to work.
The Sessions come up in the left hand panel and I double click on one of the connections and it appears in the shell screen on the right. If I clone a new session, etc, from the dropdown menu it creates different tabs as before.
What I then double click on another connection in the connections panel, it creates a whole new CRT session/process with its own Session Manager.
What I expected was for it to start a new connection/shell in a new tab of the existing session. It this just a configuration issue, and if it is supposed to work like this, is it a big request to have it work the way I want it? I don't want to have all these sessions/processes to click through to find the shell I'm interested in (we already had this previously I admit). The new 7+ releases if I believe is how I see it, havent given us much more than the original version pre-Session Manager.

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