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Thanks for the reply.

Regarding the tabs it would be nice to have the option to integrate securefx and securecrt or not. I'm not sure exactly how this integration would be, but i got a very long list of hosts in securecrt and a short list in securefx which is not the same hosts so for me the integration would maybe not be so useful unless i could use the same window with different connection list for securefx and securecrt. The integration that is available in the beta versions by using the same list of hosts in both securecrt and securefx is a feature i don't use since those connection lists is completely different in my case.

btw during the reinstallation of my PC i did choose to not integrate, but did it anyway and the only way i managed to change one of them, but not both is to edit the registry.

ssl would be a nice feature i think. That way i could finally use just a single ftp client to support all my connections.