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Thanks for the quick response. Now to respond to your initial questions:

Brenda: How can it be > 100% CPU? Do you have multiple cores? What tool are you using to get these CPU measurements?

Simon: I believe the laptop has an Intel i7 which has 4 cores and another 4 hyper-threads. I used the OSX Activity Monitor app to view the CPU usage of SecureCRT. It's like the Mac equivalent of 'top' on Linux. It also shows how many threads an app is using. For SecureCRT is showed me 14 threads were being used at the time of the test. Please see uploaded screen shot. I'm guessing the threads are how to get above 100% CPU. AFAIK one thread on it's own could never use more than 100% CPU.

Brenda: Your 2014 MacBook Pro did not come with Sierra installed, correct? When did you upgrade the OS? Does it coincide with these issues? Have you restarted the machine since upgrading SecureCRT? (As a note, SecureCRT version 7.3.x did not support Sierra OS.)

Simon: Correct, OSX upgraded itself earlier in the year. I can't say when the SecureCRT 7.x.y issue started because I wasn't aware about it because the laptop fan did not draw it to my attention and selecting an idle tab 'fixed' the issue anyway. The worse SecureCRT 8.x.y issue started this morning after I used the newer 8 version for the first time. I noticed it straight away because the fan on the laptop was noisy. AFAICT SecureCRT 7 seems to work better with Sierra OS so far... at least regarding this CPU issue. The laptop was freshly booted. I attach a screen shot of the 'About this Mac' dialog FYI.

Simon: I tried reducing the size of the tab to a quarter of the size on screen and CPU dropped to about 23% from 60%.

Brenda: I do not understand the above statement. Please elaborate. You can't resize the tab itself. Do you mean the application window? If so, are you talking about resizing using a corner of the window?

Simon: Maybe I should have said that I tried reducing the size of the application window (the window where 'hello world' scrolls up the screen) belonging to the visible tab. And yes, I can use the diagonal stripy icon in the bottom right to resize... in my case to about a quarter of the size. Then I used Acitivity Monitor to report the CPU usage at the new size.

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