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7.0.0 build 318 - Possible option key/Emacs meta bug

I've been using SecureCRT for OSX more recently, and I also tend to use Emacs a lot, but since the last update, the "Use option (ALT) as meta key" setting doesn't seem to be working for me.

When I hit Option-X, instead of activating M-x, Emacs just inserts this into character into my file ≈. Hitting ESC-x works fine and activates M-x. When in bash, typing part of a filename and then hitting escape twice will fire off tab-completion, but the alt key does not appear to do anything.

Alt-[ sends
Alt-] sends
Alt-> (alt+shift+.) sends ˘
Alt-< (alt+shift+,) seems to be the one command that works.

I am using the following settings:

[X[ Use option (ALT) as meta key
(o) Send escape for meta key

I have tried this on remote Linux systems as well as local connections, with a variety of Terminal and Keyboard emulation modes.

Any ideas?
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