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I think a feature that you might find very helpful with a high-latency connection is the SecureCRT Chat Window (View / Chat Window).

Using the Chat Window, you can type/edit commands all from within a local window so that when you press a key, you don't have to wait for the corresponding character to be sent to the remote and echo'd back in order for it to appear in the terminal screen. Also, the Chat Window supports an internal command history that can be navigated using the Up/Down Arrow keys to cycle through the list of commands that you have previously typed in.

Here's a link to a tip on our web site with some more detailed information, including a screen-shot or two:
Depending on how often you use commands repetitively, you might also find the button bar (View / Button Bar) useful in that you can map buttons to send frequently-used commands so that you don't have to wait painfully for the command to be echo'd from the remote to see if you typed it in correctly before you press Enter to actually send the command.

Here's a link to a tip on our main web site that discusses the SecureCRT Button Bar:
There could be other features that might help you, depending on what you find yourself doing more often. If you want to provide more details as to what it is you're doing, but don't want the world to see, feel free to send us an e-mail message for a more private conversation. Otherwise, just post a response with more details here, and we'll be happy to answer specific questions you might have.

Does this information help?

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