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Originally Posted by sussington View Post

I am trying to figure out how to force a session to inherit the settings that I have previously applied to a subfolder.

For example, in the attached picture I create the subfolder "ADTRAN" and added a bunch of sessions to it. I went back later to add in "R23" and it did not inherit the settings from it's parent folder.
Folders themselves don't have any configuration settings.

When you first right-click on a folder in the session manager to edit its properties, you'll see a message clearly indicating that the settings shown are for the first session in the folder, and that changes can be applied to other sessions in the same folder.

If you've done this before and indicated you don't want to see this message, then you won't see the info.
How you can apply changes to multiple sessions in a folder
As highlighted in the graphic above, you can apply changes to all sessions in a folder, but it can be arduous if you're planning to modify a *lot* of session configuration settings. But, if it's just one or two options you want to make sure is set a specific way, it should work OK for you (better than editing each session individually):
  1. Edit the first session in the folder such that the options you want configured are *not* set to the desired value.
    NOTE: The reason for doing this is that we need to have a change to apply. If the option is already set to the desired value, there won't be any change to apply to the other sessions in the folder.
  2. Once the first session in the folder has been modified to have *undesired* values, right-click on the containing folder and choose Properties.
    If you have not already indicated that SecureCRT should not display this message again, you should see an indication of the number of sessions you're about to edit.
  3. Change the targeted options to the desired values. Now that there is a change to apply to other sessions, there will be some modifications to apply to other sessions in the same folder.

  4. Press the OK button. SecureCRT will recognize the changed option values and apply those changes to the remaining sessions in the same folder.

Restoring the informational warning
If you want to restore the information message, edit the Global.ini file in SecureCRT's configuration folder.

Copy a Session
Another way you can "inherit" configurations is to copy an existing session already in the folder, rename it, and then edit those options that you want to be different from the original.

Feature request?
Now, if you have some time to explore further, and since sessions residing in a folder do not "inherit" settings from a containing folder because the folder has no associated configuration settings...
  • If you were to "inherit" options from a folder, which options would you *not* want to inherit?
  • How would you envision being able to specify which options should *not* (or perhaps *should*) be inherited from the containing folder?

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