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With the current version of ClientPack (6.5 and newer) you'll find example scripts in a folder named Scripts, located in the ClientPack installation folder. The default location is:
C:\Program Files\VanDyke Software\ClientPack\Scripts
The Readme.txt file in the Scripts folder describes each of the following example scripts:
  • Example-AddHostkey.vbs
  • Example-Agent.vbs
  • Example-Connect.vbs
  • Example-RemoteFindFilesViaSFTP.vbs
  • Example-WriteToExcelFile.vbs
The example scripts also contain documentation in the form of comments.

Are these the kinds of examples you're looking for?

Also, the ClientPack 6.5.1 installation contains a ClientPack.chm file that includes the complete API documentation for VRALIB, as indicated in the attached screen-shot.
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