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logs created but blank

I added the code like so:

' Set log file name
crt.Session.logfilename = "c:\FTPROOT\connection1.log"
' Enable logging
crt.Session.log true
' Get current trace level so we can set it back after the test
nCurrentTraceLevel = CInt(crt.Session.Config.GetOption("Trace Level"))
' Set new trace level
crt.Session.Config.SetOption "Trace Level", 5

ConnectWLC1 'connect to 1st WLC

' Set trace level back
crt.Session.Config.SetOption "Trace Level", nCurrentTraceLevel

for each connect WLC instance (1, 2, 3) and the logs were blank except the last one which was me manually logging out of the last WLC. The script did work though. It connected to 1st WLC, had a long pause, then connected to 2nd WLC. It could be something in the ProgramAllAPs function? do you agree?

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