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Hi olivebranch2006,

Thanks for the data and the script. We are investigating this issue.

In the meantime, would you make a change to your Default.ini file and post whether the issue is resolved?
To edit the Default.ini file:
  1. Close all instances of SecureCRT. If changes are made to the Default.ini file while SecureCRT is running, the changes made will be undone when SecureCRT is closed.
  2. Edit Default.ini file (located in the Sessions subfolder of SecureCRT's configuration folder location indicated by the Configuration folder field in the General category of the Global Options dialog. Add/modify lines as instructed.
  3. Save the Default.ini file and start SecureCRT.

    Note: If you have a /f in the target of the shortcut used to launch SecureCRT, then the path to the Config folder will be different than the path in step 2 above.
The line to edit is:
D:"Force Close On Exit"=00000000
D:"Force Close On Exit"=00000001

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