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Originally Posted by renep View Post
Unfortunately, I still see the same error message with SecureCRT Version 9.0.0 (x64 build 2315) - Beta Release - 24 september 2020
Dear renep,

Sorry it's still not working in the 9.0.0 B1 version!

It looks like we'll need some more detailed information about your specific scenario.

You've already provided info about the secondary host to which you're connecting (the Debian 10 machine), but there's still some details missing, so...

Would you be so kind as to send email to with a subject of "ATTN: Forum thread 13896 - Debian 10 agent support for rsa-sha2-512" ?

In the body of your email message to, would you please include the following details?
  1. The type of key (algorithm name) that you have in SecureCRT's agent (Tools > Manage Agent Keys)
  2. The operating system type and version of the primary host to which you're connected with SecureCRT.
  3. The SSH2 server implementation and version that's running on the primary host to which you're connected with SecureCRT.
  4. A trace options debug log showing the SecureCRT connection up to the point that the ssh connection to the secondary host has been established. In other words, configure trace options debug logging as per the video and then connect to the primary host; once connected to the primary host, run the ssh command to get to your secondary host; once connected to the secondary host, turn off logging and attach that log file to your email.

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