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Don't know if anyone still cares, but I spent a decent amount of time scratching this itch, so I wanted to put it somewhere so other people could find it

I run emacs like this

export TERM=xterm-256color; emacs -nw

as the OP said, shift up does not work, but all the other shift arrow keys work

I was trying to figure out what was different between xterm-vt220 and the rest.. I ended up rebuilding xterm-256color and that fixed the problem.

sudo cp /lib/terminfo/x/xterm-256color /lib/terminfo/x/xterm-256color.backup
infocmp xterm-256color > xterm.tmp
tic xterm.tmp
sudo cp ~/.terminfo/x/xterm-256color /lib/terminfo/x/xterm-256color

and that does the trick

I just tried it for regular xterm, and it fixes the problem as well

no idea why rebuilding helps, but the rebuilt files are a different size......
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