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AutoHotKey Doesnt work in newer CRT

Hello all and thank you in advance. Let me know if what I explain doesnt make sense or needs more of an explanation.

At work we had SecureCRT installed and it was running version 6.1.3. They recently pushed a newer version 8.3.4 and not my script tool (AutoHotKey) isnt working. My hot keys were a combination of holding (CTRL + ALT + "__") Normally if I held CTRL and ALT and pressed S it would run a series of things to type in. Now it goes up and opened a menu to select script to run. I also had something mapped to CTRL+ALT+D and now it just pulls the dropdown for Script menu. I know there are keys you can enable in SecureCRT but I use the AutoHotKey app across many applications to do various things and wanted to still keep it that way.

Is there a way to turn off these shortcuts that now seems to be enabled in the newer CRT so that my tool can run without triggering some dropdown or new menu to open??

This is what the script looks like in AutoHotKey.

Send johndoe{Enter}
Sleep 100
Send abcd1234{Enter}

Send Issue Reported: {Enter}
Send Root Cause: {Enter}
Send Where the issue was isolated to: {Enter}
Send Fix or Last Action: {Enter}
Send Preventative measures that have been or will be implemented in the future: {Enter}
Send Name and Number of Customer Approving Closure: {Enter}
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