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Hi oliver366370,

SecureCRT does not currently support encrypting a plain text password into the needed format via a script. The /ENCRYPTEDPASSWORD option referenced in the link you provided is a command line option.

For example, if you're launching SecureCRT from the CMD window or a batch file and you do not want your plain text password visible you can use a password that has already been encrypted by the SecureCRT GUI. To obtain an encrypted password, specify a password in the Session Options dialog, then open that session's .ini file and copy the encrypted string from the Password field.

I have recorded your interest in scripting passwords in our database of SecureCRT feature requests so that the product director can evaluate it for possible inclusion in a future release.

Should a version of SecureCRT become available with this feature, we will be sure to let you know.

If you would like to be notified directly please send an email to with "Feature Request Forum Post 13253" in the subject line.

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