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Originally Posted by asamue View Post
When you install Netmiko in a "stand alone" python installation, you do it with "python install" where is netmikos setup file. I can't find a way of doing this with secure crt (and maybe you can't do it that way)
You're absolutely right. You cannot import a module like this into SecureCRT's built-in python environment.

Is there a way of having secure crt to call an external python installation instead of using the one built in?
If you're using a version of SecureCRT 8.0.1 and earlier, you can use an external python installation by renaming the python27.dll and files (found in SecureCRT's program files location) to something like python27-do_not_use.dll and

However, as of SecureCRT version 8.0.2 and later, this is not possible because a change was made in SecureCRT to only load its own built-in python engine.

I've added a feature request on your behalf to allow SecureCRT to load/use an external python installation. Should this ever be possible in the future, we'll be sure to post here and let you know.

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