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You can find SFXCL command-line syntax and options in the SecureFX help or on the command-line by typing "sfxcl".

Here is the syntax from the command-line:
sfxcl [options] source [source [...]] destination
Here is an example of using the "/Password" option, but you will need to use a post 7.1.2 build of SecureFX with keyboard-interactive authentication:
sfxcl /password P4$$w0rd C:\file_to_upload sftp://user@host...
Here is an example for publickey authentication:
sfxcl /I "path/to/privatekey" C:\file_to_upload sftp://user@host
If you would like to test the newer version of SecureFX please send an email message to with a subject of Attn: Todd - Forum thread #11226.

Does this help you move forward?

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