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Originally Posted by dlegate View Post
I often am projecting my SecureCRT sessions for team meetings and I have yet to find an easy way to quickly make the fonts look readable for attendees.

Is there a quick way to "zoom" in on my sessions so people in the room can actually see what is on the screen?

I'd like to be able to quickly switch back to the default font size for my normal work.

I tried using the Appearance, Font..., and changing font sizes, but I ended up with Huge jagged-edged fonts that only displayed half the letter on each line of the screen. I'm using 6.2.3 on Windows XP.

What would be *fantastic* is using Ctrl-Plus (Ctrl-+) like you can in a web browser to zoom into the page step at a time.
This has been implemented in a pre-beta version of SecureCRT for Windows and Mac. The zooming can be controlled using the keyboard or the scroll wheel. If you would be interested in trying it, please send email to me at

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