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SecureCRT feature requests for command auto-completed base on history

Hi expert,
I would like to request the feature for command auto-completed base on history in command window.
The history commands in command window can save in a file corresponding to the session so we can modify the list of commands and can reuse for later.

I connect to session Ubuntu and run these commands:

1. sudo atp-get update
2. sudo atp install python
3. mkdir Python
4. mkdir Packages

Request feature:
- 4 commands above will be save in the history command file of session Ubuntu
- I can modify this history command file. And when I start SecureCRT and open the session Ubuntu, the history commands will be load from this history command file of this session. So I can reuse this history command list.
- In command window, when i type "mkdir + up/down" the history command
"3. mkdir Python, 4. mkdir Packages" will be appear (auto-completed). Or when I type "sudo atp install + up" the history command "2. sudo atp install python" will be appear.
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