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Hi VanDyke82nev,
So if the remote router is able to export a file to a remote location I could use the SecureCRT TFTP server.
I think you are making it more complicated than it needs be.

It would just be an upload from your device/TFTP client *to* the machine where SecureCRT is installed with SecureCRT's TFTP server enabled (ie: put "file").

I don't supposed it can figure out the IP (on the other side of the NAT) that I should give to the router?
I'm not sure what the it is in the above statement but, more importantly, what do you mean by other side of the NAT? Other side from who/what/where?

On Windows, ipconfig can be used to determine the IP address of your machine. On Mac/Linux, it will be either ifconfig or ip a.

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