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Connect to multiple hosts and execute a script on each - asynchronously

Scenario is this: have a script which reads a list of hosts into an array; then walks the array, connecting to each host (adhoc) & executing a configuration script.

My issue is that this operation occurs serially\synchronously and the script requires several minutes per host to complete. When our host array hit 50-200 hosts, the wait time for the whole process to execute is quite long obviously.

Is there way to programmatically spawn new tabs and have each tab execute a script independently? Obviously this is possible at some level, as you can do this when connecting to multiple saved sessions interactively. You can also use the /script standard argument to do this from the Win command line (but that isn't a scalable solution when you are talking about this many simultaneous connections, I've tried). But I haven't figured out a straightforward way to do this with adhoc sessions in script.

Working with v8.0.2
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