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Easy one

Hello all,

We use CRT 2.3 (32 bit) in our manufacturing environment. Since we will soon be moving our terminal server environment to Server 2008 R2, we are evaluating SecureCRT for our uses. I was trying to get our scripts that we use with CRT 2.3 to work with SecureCRT, specifically the log in script we use for getting into clear orbit. The log in script is a .csf file that says:

expect( "ogin: ");
send( "xxxxxxx\r" );

expect( "assword: " );
send( "xxxxx\r" );

expect( "sername: ");
send( "xxxxx\r" );

expect( "assword: " );
send( "xxxxx\r" );

expect( "rgCode [xyz]:" );
send( "bleh\r1\r16\r" );

Pretty simple right? Except when I ask secureCRT to run it I get a "Unable to teterminte script entine from file extension and no '$language' script header found." message. My guess is that its looking for this to be scripted in VBscript?

As you can tell by now, I know little to NOTHING about scripting, hence my attempt to seek help and knowledge. Let me know if there is any more knowledge or information I can provide, even if you can point me down the right path.
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