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Suppress SSH password prompts when scripted login fails


When creating an SSH2 session using the crt.Session.ConnectInTab method with a user name/password combination that gets rejected by the target device, I am presented with a "Password authentication failed" popup and then the "enter password" prompt, all of which is raining pretty hard on my automation parade. I would really like to suppress all popups, log that connection failed and move on. My connection attempt looks roughly as follows (nothing fancy):
On Error Resume Next
Set objSessionTab = crt.Session.ConnectInTab("/SSH2 /ACCEPTHOSTKEYS /L " & userid & " /PASSWORD " & password & " " & TargetNameOrIP, True, False)
If (Err.Number <> 0) Then
   'error handling
End If
A secondary nuiseance is that the Err.Number is the same whether the password was rejected (and all the prompts have been manually closed) or the device was unreachable/connection attempt timed out, but I can live with this if the prompts could be made to disappear...

Any pointers/suggestion/help is appreciated.
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