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selecting ssh public keys for a session is broken

there is a bunch of bugs within the context of selecting ssh public keys for a session

i'm describing one specific thing, that i can easily reproduce on my computer, but there is more bugs. (Windows 10, SecureCRT 8.7.1)

- select a session
- open session options
- SSH2 -> Authentication -> Publickey -> Properties
- Assuming you had "Use session public key settings" chosen before
- and previously you had: "Use identity or cert. file" => C:\ssh\
- now you want to change to a new key
- you do:"Use identity or cert. file" => C:\ssh\
- click OK
- click OK
- connect to your session
- now it will still use the old
- you can verify this by removing key1 from your serverin (authorized_keys)
- you will have to restart SecureCRT to force it to use the new
- once restarted, it will successfully use to connect to your session

there is also some bugs when switching between global and session public key settings. or when you are connected to your session multiple times, and you change the session settings on one of them, they are not properly saved, because you have multiple connections of the same session opened, and only once you close the last one, it will overwrite the new settings with the old settings. or something like that.

other than this bugs, and especially the one i described, there is a few other improvements that should be done:

2) display the username that was used to connect to a session, i.e. the tooltip of the connected session tab. right now it only shows just the session name (again). the tooltip could show more info: username, port?, used auth. method and used public key

3) make the UI faster. opening the session options takes about 1sec on my brand new ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Intel Core i7 8th Gen. Did you guys switch to Electron? ;-)

4) saving session options of a connected session will blink the Session Manager UI like 5 times, probably some UI refresh bugs.

5) renaming a session takes 1-2sec (now there is even a dialog telling you it's slow!)

6) searching in the session manager (Find) takes 2-3 sec (I have just approx. 600 sessions saved, not 600M)

7) sometimes, the disconnect button has to be hit TWICE in order for it to disconnect a session. this behavour is a bit random and has been around for a decade or two

happy to add a few more things once we are making some progress with these!

many thanks and best wishes
- SecureCRT user since 1999
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