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Hi marek_k,

Thanks for the post.
"allowing space character in regex" would be like best christmas present ever in the world
We will post to this thread if we add this feature.
oh and one more thing. It would be great to have another kind of button in button bar which would "aggregate" same kind of buttons (menu button / multilevel button?). For example to create such menubutton, name it as Scripts and it would open some kind of submenu with items of type 'send string' items... or maybe it is already possible to do it somehow? I couldnt figure it out yet.
This sounds like a nice addition. We will post to this thread if we add the ability to group buttons in some way.

In the meantime, did you know you can create multiple button bars?

It is even possible to create a button that runs a script to change to another button bar, so you could have a "master" button bar and sub button bars with scripts to switch to the master or a sub button bar.

Does this sound like it might help?

If so, you can use the following script code:
strButtonBar = crt.Arguments.GetArg(0)
Set objScriptTab = crt.GetScriptTab
objScriptTab.Session.Config.SetOption "User Button Bar Name", strButtonBar
When you define the button to switch to a different button bar, you will need to provide an argument that is the name of the button bar to which you are switching.

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