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Hi UsamaWaheed,

I'm sorry you're having trouble.

There is a work around that you could try. It would force
SecureCRT into Single Instance mode, you would not be able
to open two separate instances of SecureCRT.

To accomplish this:
  1. Locate the config folder info in the General / Configuration Paths category of SecureCRT's Global Options
  2. Close all instances of SecureCRT/FX
  3. Navigate to your SecureCRT configuration folder
  4. Locate and open the Global.ini file
  5. Find the line containing "Single Instance"
  6. Modify the line to D:"Single Instance"=00000001
  7. Save the changes to Global.ini

Now that SecureCRT is in Single Instance mode any link selected should open in a new tab.

Does this help?

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