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Originally Posted by marek_k View Post
oh and one more thing. It would be great to have another kind of button in button bar which would "aggregate" same kind of buttons (menu button / multilevel button?). For example to create such menubutton, name it as Scripts and it would open some kind of submenu with items of type 'send string' items... or maybe it is already possible to do it somehow? I couldnt figure it out yet.
We have implemented a preliminary version of a Command Manager in SecureCRT for Windows. Here are some details:
  • It has a GUI similar to the Session Manager, allowing you to save and organize commands in folders.
  • The Command Manager can be undocked or it can be docked and always shown or auto-hidden. It can be tabbed with the Session Manager or it can be above or below the Session Manager.
  • You can save the same types of commands as the Button bar (e.g., send string, run scripts, execute menu commands, etc.).
  • The commands can be sent to the active session, all sessions, a specific tab group, or all visible sessions.
Please email me at if you would be interested in trying it.

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