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Hi melarnell,

I think the simplest way is to calculate how many 15 second intervals in an hour (4 per min * 60 = 240) and then just use a simple For/Next loop with a Sleep(). You might even use variables to make the construct more flexible.

nInterval = 15 * 1000
nIterations = 240
For i = 0 to nIterations
    ' Run command
    crt.Screen.Send "tmsh show sys connection cs-server-addr x.x.x.x" & chr(13)
    ' Sleep 15 seconds
    crt.Sleep nInterval
Is there a way to script it to run for an hour and then automatically open the log file or to export the data into a csv or excel file? All help is appreciated.
You reference *the* log file. Do you already have code in your script for logging? (Or is this the entire script at this time?)

If not, adding the logging or Excel interaction would be much more involved.

What version of SecureCRT are you using?

On what OS/platform?

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