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Originally Posted by sussington View Post
I think the best option for now, until our databases are completely merged, would be easier for cshoe to take my export (the acquired company) and put it under it's own sub folder in the Session Manager. How would we go about doing that?
It appears to me that your goal is likely reflected in the following graphic...
Please let me know if this does *not* reflect your goal.

If this *does* reflect your goal, then what you want to do is
  1. copy the "Sessions" folder from the SecureCRT configuration folder on your machine,
  2. paste it into the "Sessions" folder (not a replacement!) found in the SecureCRT configuration folder on cshoe's machine, and then
  3. rename the child/pasted "Sessions" folder to be reflective of what it is -- for example "_Sussington's Sessions" (I suggest the use of a leading "_" (underscore) character so that the copied folder name appears near the top of the list of folders when sorted alphabetically within the Session Manager).

This copying and pasting would be done completely outside of and entirely independent from SecureCRT; it would be best to have SecureCRT on cshoe's machine closed while performing this pasting activity.

Pictographically, it might look like this...
Copy sussington's Sessions folder into cshoe's Sessions folder:

Rename the pasted Sessions folder so that it means something "special" to cshoe:

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