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Originally Posted by cshoe View Post
Recently, my company has aquired a new entity, I would like to have my saved sessions on one "profile" and have a seperate "profile" for all thier equipment. I am wondering how I would go about doing this, if it even possible.
What specific problem are you trying to solve?

Where is the other "profile" currently located?
In what format is the other "profile" stored? Is it a folder, .zip file? .xml file? Something else altogether? (if so, please provide details)

Would it help if you could simply create a folder in your Session Manager and then copy their saved session into that folder?
If you have another entire configuration folder that you want to use, then you could simply launch SecureCRT with the /F command line option telling SecureCRT to load the other "profile". Note that with this scenario, you don't specify the "Sessions" folder as the config folder, you specify the parent folder of "Sessions".
Let us know what specific problem you're trying to solve and provide more details about what you've got, and there may be further assistance we can provide.

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