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Need to get rid of "ASCII" transfer mode

Hi VanDykes,

there are posts from 2006 and 2007 dealing with the fact that it is't a bug but a feature, that SecureFX generates \r\r\n under certain circumstances when working in ASCII transfer mode. It is not regarded to be buggy (although even some C source code doesn't compile any more after that transformation) since there is some RFC that had been written in the middle ages.

Today, every LINUX vi is capable to handle DOS formatted files and every editor on Windows except the Windows editor is able to handle UNIX files.

So for me there is no reason at all to ever use ASCII transfer mode.

Unfortunately there are several hundreds of file associations in SecureFX, which may spoil txt, html and many other types. There is no way to set them ALL to BINARY, instead I would have to edit them one by one. On my PC at work, on the PC at my home office and on my netbook.

So for me the perfect solution would be to COMPLETELY get rid of ASCII mode. Even the popup, whether I would want to use ASCII or BINARY for an unknown file type is a mess, since it stops the transfer at file #1234 out of 9876 and makes it impossible to transfer bigger directories unattended.

Is there already a chance to do so or do I have a chance to see such an un-feature in one of the next releases?

Thank you for feedback & relief!
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