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Hi cabsandy,

Originally Posted by cabsandy View Post
I want to (if I can have the choice) of the button bar being on screen all of the time-and locked into place.
Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, there is not a way to "pin" the button bar to a specified location so all of the buttons constantly show.

I personally find that (on macOS, at least) having the Button Bar pinned to the top of the SecureCRT window makes accessing the extra buttons a bit easier. You can make this change by navigating to the Terminal > Appearance category of Global Options and setting the Show button bar on: option to "top". Does this make using the Button Bar any easier for you?

Alternatively, the Command Manager was recently implemented in a pre-release version of SecureCRT for macOS. You can copy all of the buttons from the current Button Bars to the Command Manager, and the Command Manager can be either be locked to a side of the SecureCRT window, auto-hidden or set as a floating window
(the same way the Session Manager currently does).

Should you desire to test out this feature, please send an email to with the subject line: Attn: Forum Thread 14289 - Command Manager and state in the body that you wish to try out the Command Window in the pre-release version of SecureCRT.

For those of you who do wish to test out this option and copy your Button Bars into the Command Manager, below is a simple image showing how this can be accomplished:


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