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Multiple tabs/logs with time stamps

Dear Brenda,
Thanks a lot. I was using 7.0.3 version.
After I upgraded to 7.3.3 I indeed found option for %P for logs distinguishing and was able to get time stamps in each line of multiple logs using crt.Session.LogUsingSessionOptions.
But I found that to have time stamps, I have to enable "Start log upon connect", otherwise no time stamps. Here I got next "trap".
In my case I will have multiple disconnections and connections. Therefore, new log will be opened upon each connection and having tenths or hundreds such for sure complicates analysis.
If I will use "Append to file" option to avoid multiple new logs, file name should not have time stamp to allow this.And then if I am running script next time, it will append data to previous log which is not convenient.
Any idea how to overcome this?
Thank you
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