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I just saw the dockable session manager option for 7.3 while skimming through the forum. Since I'm on 7.3.1 at the moment I was hoping that I could turn it on and the modal window pain would be gone. Unfortunately that isn't the case.

The session manager window itself is independent of the terminal windows, which means that it is possible to do some session housekeeping (copying, moving, deleting, and renaming) without getting locked out of the terminal windows. That's great! However, as soon as you open up a properties window from within the session manager, to either create a new session or edit an existing session, you are locked out of all other windows, including the dockable session manager, until that properties window is closed.

This wouldn't be a major problem if I only had a single SecureCRT window open, but I don't. I routinely have anywhere from 4 to 8, each typically with two or more tabs, spread out over four different spaces. As soon as I open up a properties window I am locked out of all of them until that properties window is closed. While testing the dockable session manager I had a properties window open on one space and shifted to a different space for a different application. When I finished using it I clicked on one of the SCRT windows in that space and it took a few failures before I remembered that there was a properties window open somewhere that was locking me out.

I'm still hoping that the modality will go away one day. At least the topmost window is still movable, unlike the frustrating file open/save dialogue panes that OS X shifted to a few years ago.


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