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vbs scripts

Yes, I need to execute some commands export TMOUT=86400 is a command I used to test to see if it can be executed. My ultimate goal is to read the value of path = equipmentInfo(3) element and execute the cd command to switch to the specified Under contents

Host.txt: oracle oracle /home/oracle/data app app /home/app han han /home/han

equipmentInfo = Split(line)
Ip = equipmentInfo(0)
Uname = equipmentInfo(1)
Pwd = equipmentInfo(2)
#add path As you said, You may be able to get the path using similar code.
Path = equipmentInfo(3)

I started logging in and executed cd path = equipmentInfo(3) How to write?
crt.session.ConnectInTab "/SSH2 /L "&uname&" /PASSWORD "&pwd&" "&ip
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