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Hi amy_itx_aps,

After taking a look at the script I don't see that you're capturing or using the path.

I see that you're using a Split to get the IP, Username, and Password but do not capture the file path.

equipmentInfo = Split(line)
ip = equipmentInfo(0)
uname = equipmentInfo(1)
pwd = equipmentInfo(2)
You may be able to get the path using similar code.

path = equipmentInfo(3)
Towards the end of the script I see that you're connecting using ConnectInTab but the only other thing sent is an export TMOUT.

crt.session.ConnectInTab "/SSH2 /L "&uname&" /PASSWORD "&pwd&" "&ip

crt.Screen.Send "export TMOUT=86400" & chr(13)
crt.Screen.WaitForString "export TMOUT=86400"
Did you want to change directories before or after sending the TMOUT?

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